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Coconut Oil Salt Scrub

coconut oil salt scrub

Coconuts not only taste amazing, but the benefits to our skin is unmeasurable, and this super food is guaranteed to keep your body feeling smoother and more supple for longer!

To get started you’ll want to check your coconut oil to see if it’s soft (room temperature) or solid. If it’s solid you’ll need to gently warm it up in the microwave or on the stove top.

Next you’re going to mix two cups of soft coconut oil with 1 cup of salt. You can use any salt you like - epsom salts are our favourite to use.

Add a few drops of essential oils to the mix if you like. Lavender and geranium are fantastic for an all over body experience. 

Mix well then store in a container, and leave in a dry and cool space in your bathroom.

You can use this scrub as a full body scrub, hand scrub and foot scrub. The salt gently exfoliates the skin and the coconut oil leaves your skin feeling baby soft.


  • 2 Cups Coconut Oil
  • 1 Cup Epsom salts
  • 8-10 Drops Essential Oils


  1. Mix coconut oil, epsom salts and essential oils together in a large mixing bowl. Be sure to combine all ingredients until a soft paste occurs.
  2. Store in an air tight container and store in your shower.

How To Use

Use as an all over body scrub, and maintain healthy, smooth skin. A small palm-full of your scrub will be enough for your entire body. Use as much or as little as desired. 

Make sure to be careful if you use this in the shower! The coconut oil may leave your tiles a little slippery.

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